Getting back to basics - Defining business processes
Every business is distinctive and its distinctiveness emanates from the processes it observes while delivering business goals. Business processes are not just something that your business does, processes are your business. Hence it is very important that organizations have clear defined processes. We at Greytrix Africa understand that enterprises in East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda are upcoming and are encountering global challenges. Hence it is important for the enterprises to have clear defined process and all departments operate in tandem to increase organizational efficiency dramatically and in easily measured ways. 

Business Process Analysis

business processes to achieve

Analyze your business processes to achieve success
With our dexterity in consulting services, we at Greytrix Africa help you address what matters most to your organization – That can range from saving money through efficiency. Increasing revenue through faster product rollouts. Responding quickly to competitive and changing customers’ needs and expectations. We want you to leverage the maximum benefits from your IT investment. That is why we come up with a well – structured process during the process evaluation. This includes:

Process Mining

First we collate your existing business processes and document them that governs from sales to accounting. We discuss these specific processes with relevant teams and understand the core factors that benefit your business. This will form the basic analysis for considering which business management system will fulfill your growing needs.

Process Designing

After the initial analysis, we try to reduce the points where starvation and bottlenecks in your business processes primarily occur, and redesign the activities. We be the architects of a logical design to create a new business model by working closely with your employees who will assist us in clarifying what functionalities the system should perform. This is illustrated in a step – by – step process that will consist of key activities and the functional requirements for the software implementation. This forms the basis of the next step of charting a Business Requirement Document (BRD).

Process Designing

Business Requirement Document

Business Requirement Document

In the BRD activity, we collect business data metrics and volumes to find out the exact ability of your existing system to support current and futuristic requirements. We tailor solutions by defining the functional requirements of your future ERP system for each business process.

Finalizing the draft - Revolutionizing Systems

After the BRD, we will make a final draft of the redesigned process for your business requirements by corroborating it with different departments. Their confirmation is crucial as they will be working closely with the system every day. This will kick-start the process of revolutionizing the software solution with an organized project management. 
Strategized business process with Greytrix Africa

Greytrix Africa’s effective business processes analysis for your enterprise will act as the key differentiators to help you adapt to a competitive business environment. It focuses on your core business and ensures organizational goals such as increasing revenue, reducing overhead costs, improving customer engagement, etc. are achieved.

We ensure you of increased process agility, wherein with flexible business processes you stay agile to changing market conditions, business models and customer requirements. We make sure you experience reduction in time to design new processes and implement into IT systems, such as Sage X3, by re-using existing best-practice processes.


With Greytrix Africa’s Business Process Analysis, we ensure improvement in the performance, by analyzing processes and reduce bottlenecks or starvation, wastage and duplication. We make best use of your resources and look for opportunities for automation so that we align your IT and processes coherently, minimizing system breaks and better process communication.



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Strategized business process


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