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Industries across the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia are flourishing. With growth comes complexities that blur the focus on core business. It becomes a necessity to evolve and meet the demands of a competitive marketplace for East Africa. Every industry adopts superior technology for simplifying its business processes and increase its focus on core business. However, inefficient utilization of man, material, and technological resources eventually create a bottleneck in business growth and performance. Technological shift isn't always an easier task as your company's success metrics rely on it. At Greytrix Africa, we understand your business scenario, find out the requirement for the best technology to foster your business. This includes efficiently directing the workforce and resources for achieving determined organizational goals.

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Greytrix Kenya – Sage Consulting Services

Adding value to your technology investments
Choosing the right consulting partner to work with you in the technical and organizational maze, is as imperative as expecting payback from your software investment. Greytrix Africa – a leading Sage Consulting Services provider, with deep industry expertise helps you design and achieve market-leading performance roadmaps by merging innovative thinking, technical expertise and global reach. With our experienced techno-functional consultants, we assist with Sage X3 business management solution, implementation, training, and support. We roll-up-our-sleeves, transfer knowledge to remove the inefficiencies in your front and back office to ensure sustainable results for your business. We at Greytrix Africa make sure that your bottom line is not affected by the technological shift. We will be there for you before, during and after the project.
The Plan - Design - Implement Mantra !
Our consultants with their expertise will investigate the areas of opportunity creating a better scope of the business engagement. This is followed by a detailed analysis and design of the implementation plan, rethinking and redesigning the processes and strategically executing the plan according to your unique business requirements. This will give you the clear picture of where you will stand in the future. Greytrix Africa will transcend the limitations of your existing technology and merge new technology to cater better services in your East African industries. In-depth inquiries about the solutions with our consultants will give you a holistic view of your investment providing a platform which will dramatically improve your business, driving out the operational costs.

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