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Industries in East African regions are increasingly opting for Sage X3 to improve business agility and eliminate organizational complexities. Business management solution making inroads in the African markets is currently at a nascent stage and hence understanding Sage X3 implementation becomes crucial for its optimum use. Working with the right consulting and implementation partners becomes essential for organizations as there always involves opportunity cost in terms of time and money for extracting desired benefits. Greytrix Africa ensures an efficient system without affecting the bottom line with Sage X3 Implementation. We make use of a strategic implementation plan from initiation of the project to successful execution.

Greytrix Kenya Sage x3

Kenya  Sage X3 implementation

Making implementation a hassle free task
Greytrix Africa team has honed in implementing Sage X3 solutions across widespread industries by understanding your needs and aligning it to the best industry practices. This helps you to achieve the business value you expect, by fully supporting Sage X3 implementation. We help you to plan your project, assess business rules, and configure the solution — including integrations to and from complementary systems. We at Greytrix Africa validate solutions with rigorous testing and support you post-deployment, to monitor the performance improvements.

Sage x3 Kenya process of implementation

Building brick by brick – The process of implementation

Greytrix Africa follows a systematic pattern of implementation planning in your business. This include:



Greytrix Africa initiates implementation planning process with key strategic objectives – identifying the gaps between requirements and system capabilities, organizational change you need and timelines, defining the custom solution for your organization, validating it, defining the responsibilities of different departments in the implementation process. Greytrix Africa also presents you with the Business Requirement Documentation, preparing the Process Documentation which after approval will drive the initiation of the configuration of the solution and installation.

Resource Allocation and Prioritizing

The next step is organizing important activities and collaborating with the workforce to achieve improvement by filling process gaps with customizations, integrations within the assured timescales.

Conference Room Pilot

Rigorous testing will reduce the probabilities of unexpected fallacies in ERP implementation. We at Greytrix Africa assure you that all the Sage X3 modules implemented are tested for their accurate functionality in the actual environment. A dummy system is prepared for carrying out the pilot testing of the solution to monitor its functionality depending on the end user's requirements. Changes are made for which they are reassessed and updated.


After the formal testing, it is crucial to gain hands-on experience on Sage X3. Greytrix Africa provides training to your resources so that they can understand the functionality of the solution with ease. After signing the User Acceptance Test, the project is handed over to go live in your existing business environment.

Offering support

Greytrix Africa also offers timely and quick services for any support and trouble shoot problem associated with the functionality of the solution beyond boundaries and time zones. 
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Greytrix Kenya for Sage X3 Implementation Planning Process


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