Need for Project Management

Enterprises in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia are growing competitive and are slowly inching into the global market. However, the legacy systems used in their organizations are holding them back. Industries look for enterprise software that could support expansion in the long run. So in order to increase operational transparency and visibility across industries, a successful implementation of the enhanced systems is necessary. And the success behind any successful project is managing it.


Project management is very crucial for any industry – as it includes time, money and efforts along with the priceless business information. And on every project, enterprises look for results worth the investment. So it becomes essential to successfully manage information, resources and risk with project management for maximum profitability. 

project management

project management roadmap

Project management roadmap
  • Lead
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Estimation (Ballpark)
  • Budget App (Client)
  • Proposal
  • Scope Development
  • Scope Doc Sign off
  • BRD Document Meetings
  • BRD Sign off
  • Project Plan
  • Development +QC + monitoring
  • Test Server priority
  • UAT by Client
  • Sign Off
  • Live
  • Go Live
  • Support

This entails ERP implementation projects that are time consuming and complex, with high investments involved and tight delivery schedules. However, manufacturers gain better results by adopting strategic project management methodologies, software tools and techniques. This cultivates calculated risks for projects of any kind. A project management can bring best practices for formulating project scope and forecast its benefits for the organization. 

Basics of Project Management

Greytrix Africa with highly skilled resources and experience make it a habit that project milestones are addressed accordingly within deliverable dates. We align our project management skills with your business strategy. We help you right from initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closing a series of related activities that needs to be accomplished with the available resources. Coordinating the activities requires a process knowledge and approach which gives a holistic view of the project environment. 

project management

project management flow

Planning to control: Getting your business right on track

With a proven process, Greytrix Africa’s Project Management service is designed to get your team on track quickly and support them for Sage X3 implementation. The planning and control of project management includes helping you understand the key management concepts, requirement gathering, proposing business requirement documentation and industry-specific practices for proceeding with the project.

Not just execution. Backing you with our support

Greytrix Africa’s Project management delivers a higher degree of skill transfer, less reliance on support and potential cost reduction. We also ensure support for the products and add-on modules which include integration and complementary systems for a long-term business value.



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project management flow


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