Sage X3 - Steering your automotive industry to success
The automotive industry is one of the most trending industries in the East African markets of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. This sector covers multiple processes in its product line like designing, prototyping models, raw material procurement, and manufacturing of different components, assembling, painting, rigorous quality testing and distribution. However, these business processes are prone to number of challenges. Inventory management, high production costs, environmental impacts, globalization, individualization, digitalization, and growing competition are changing the face of this industry. Greytrix Africa understands the core functionalities of East African automotive industry. That is why we bring to you Sage X3, an industry-specific business management solution that is tailored to meet your organizational requirements.

Steering your automotive industry

Business Processes

Business Process

Decision Making

Decisions making now easier with Sage X3

The automotive industries handle crucial information like details on inventories, logistics, financial accounts, customer information etc. These information needs to be abreast for making real-time decisions. Greytrix Africa understands the relevance of real-time information and with Sage X3 we deliver visibility of critical information throughout the organization. With the ability to blend data across different systems, decision-making capability is improved.

Using resources efficiently, increasing productivity

Automotive industries in the East African regions require to use its resources in optimal manner due to limitation in its availability. Further, these finished products have to undergo stringent automotive quality standards check each time. Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 keeps track of different standards to certify every manufactured component for its reliability and delivers quality assured products to its consumers. This builds consumer’s trust towards your company that ultimately drives business growth.

Resource Efficiency

Maintaining Inventories

Maintaining inventories reducing holding costs

In automotive industries, maintaining an excess inventory is considered as an extravagant expenditure that adds to the holding costs of your business. So it becomes very crucial for industries to follow lean manufacturing processes that will proscribe excessive products flooding your inventories. With Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3, inventories are optimally maintained with full traceability providing complete information about the status of the product in the supply chain like serialized container and individual tracking. This will eventually control initial capital expenses and your overall operational costs.

Sage X3 - Get agile with the growing demands

Sage X3 thus facilitates a holistic approach by integrating different processes of your automotive industry and delivers tangible results. Greytrix Africa makes sure that your automotive industry responds positively to the growing customer requirements with better agility, while remaining competitive in the East African marketplace.



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Growing demands


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