Sage X3 - Scrapping out the manufacturing complexities
The manufacturing sector of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia have collectively boosted East Africa’s GDP. As a discrete manufacturing industry, they are imposed with complex engineering challenges. They have to be agile with make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, engineer-to-order, just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and controlling materials. Managing your suppliers, tightly tracking capital expenditures over manufacturing processes, controlling supply chain costs, shortening manufacturing throughput time, and delivering high - quality goods also creep in. Greytrix Africa understands the overall scenario of the equipment manufacturing industry and offer Sage X3, a comprehensive business management solution to eliminate the manufacturing discrepancies and support significant growth by increasing productivity.

Sage X3 - Scrapping manufacturing complexities

distribution processes with Sage X3

Controlling shop floor to distribution processes with Sage X3
Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 has built-in functionality that integrates the business processes and automates them thereby taking control of the supply chain. The various modules that Sage X3 offers for the manufacturing industry include:
 Serialized extensive lot tracking  Warehouse Management
 Material and Capacity Planning  Controlling shop floor
 Manufacturing Execution  Supply chain management
 Warranty Management  Transparent operational control
 On-time delivery performance  Bill of Material Management
 Product Data Management  Attribute Management
 Product Configuration  Scheduling
 Mobility  Remanufacturing


Value-add for your business
Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 solution offers numerous planning capabilities that add value to your business. In East African region where resources are limited and sourcing of resources is equally a challenge, it is important that enterprises embrace Sage X3 which reduces process gaps, optimizes workflow that draws deeper insights into production costs, raw materials and manufacturing tools keeping you ahead of the competition. Sage X3 also enhances precision across supply chain strategy by real-time data visibility throughout departments. 

Value-add for your business

Enhance Customer Engagement

Coordinated workflow. Cost regulation. Enhance Customer Engagement
Sage X3, a comprehensive end-to-end solution assures enterprises of complete visibility into designs and plans, production status, quality control, inventory and distribution etc. This enables smoother coordination and execution of processes improving process efficiency with increased productivity on the shop floor, making your organization agile and flexible. 
Delivering high-quality products in a timely manner is one of the factors that will attract customers. To retain them in the long run, effective customer handling is crucial. At Greytrix Africa we understand this and ensure that Sage X3 addresses these two factors.  With the help of improved data visibility, we help you to serve customers with quick and accurate data thereby building enhanced customer engagement.
Enhancing product quality. Boosting turnaround time
Sage X3 easily monitors the quality of the produced goods during different stages of the product cycle. With this, product defects can be accurately located and sent for further processes. This leads to reduced production wastes, improved sales, enhanced customer satisfaction, and thus profits. Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 assures a complete track of all the aspects from the shop floor to top floor, leveraging advanced features and functionality for the different facets of your equipment manufacturing industry.
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Enhancing product quality with Sage X3


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