Weaving technology into your Textile & Apparel Industry - Sage X3
Textile and Apparel Industry is highly competitive and trend driven. Organizations in order to attain first mover advantage try and reduce their time – to – market as far as possible. Having great designs is just not enough to succeed in this business, having robust system to plan production, manage inventories, distribution of products, maintaining supply chain is the real key to success. That’s where Sage X3 brings in the differentiating factor.

Textile & Apparel Industry - Sage X3

fashion trends with Sage X3

Command fashion trends with Sage X3
Sage X3 is the holistic business management solution to manage complexities involved in the Textile & Apparel industry.  It aptly captures the unique requirements and automates core business processes like accounting, sales, bulk inventory and finances etc. with the help of distinctive features such as:
  • Flexible inventory sourcing and allocation
  • Vertically integrated production
  • Multiple costing methods for different stock categories or warehouses
  • Grading of stock items per batch/lot/bale
  • Unit conversions from weight to length, interface to weighing scales
  • Measuring actual vs estimate and variance control
  • Simple or detailed authorization workflows especially for procurement
  • Input of data using colour/size matrix for stock creation, as well as sales and purchase processing.
  • Supply chain collaboration, including XML data exchange with suppliers and customers
  • Sophisticated pricing and promotion management
  • Customer relationship management and after-sales service
  • Automated landed cost calculations
  • Multiple currencies, languages, legislations and sites
  • Immediate benefits from seamlessly connecting to data collection equipment such as radio-frequency devices
  • Optional interface to best-of-breed shipping systems for distributing high volumes of small packet shipments in multi-carrier environments.
  • Management and apportionment of fixed and variable overheads.

Sage X3 Textiles and Apparels

Sage X3 Textile and Apparel industry in East-Africa

Deliver more without any crunch
Sage X3 streamlines business processes offering minimal lead time and easy adaptability to your existing business ecosystem. Providing a better edge to the fast-paced and trending fashion. Sage X3 thereby ensures simple, powerful and an out-of-the-box ERP solution to your textile and apparel industries’ futuristic requirements.

For more information on Sage X3 in Textile and Apparel industry in East-African regions, please write to us at kenya.sales@greytrix.com  


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