The onset and steady rise of Retail Trade in East Africa

Retail trade is booming in East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Uganda. This growth has been driven by steady rise of urbanization, rapid population growth embracing easier market access for goods, local and international investment in trade expanding the outreach for wider consumer approach. Every retail trade needs to be receptive to dynamic market changes, with robust supply chain ecosystem, staying optimum with stock levels, thereby balancing the profit system and customer service levels. As retail trade also deal with multiple warehouses and dealers, it is essential to update crucial information on a real-time basis. Greytrix Africa comprehends these challenges in retail trade and alleviates the inefficiency with Sage X3.

  • Fully integrated distribution functionalities
  • Global sourcing, importing/exporting and inventory management
  • Supplier exchange monitoring to ensure quality and compliance
  • Real-time monitoring and inventory optimization
  • Native mobile apps for sales and purchasing

retail trade in east africa

Single Console

From sales to stocks: A single console view 

Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 with specific modules for retail makes it easy to set up, maintain and manage the retail outlet, tracking prices of items, inventory from different vendors. The store is managed efficiently with a single console information view of business information like real time monitoring of your warehouses, tracking the performance of your franchises, replenishing the stocks at the right time. 

Sage X3: Automating Processes for Effective Stock Management

The biggest problem in retail trade is to handle the complex process of selling goods to the customers and updating it on a regular basis to manage the records effectively. Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 coordinates and automates the ancillary processes like maintaining inventory, scanning, updating the stores effectively and generating accounts. This leads to an efficient stock management and supply chain.

Stock Management

integration of verticals

The Power of Integration of Verticals

An integrated environment between different verticals of the industry is the main motive of Sage X3. With an integrated view of sales, purchase, distribution, accounting and inventory on single dashboard you can strategically plan the functioning of retail trade as it forms the backbone of the all the operations.

Sage X3: Responsive to Consumer Demands

To stay ahead in competition, retailers need to understand the consumer needs and sense specific requirements for real time consumer satisfaction. Greytrix Africa in Sage X3 - with inbuilt modules from fully integrated distribution facilities, global sourcing, importing/exporting, inventory management and real-time monitoring of inventories is a holistic solution that will simplify the processes thereby increasing profitability and managing the retail business a lot easier.



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responsive to consumer demand


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