Moving goods swiftly and timely with Sage X3

The terrain to your company’s profitability and success might seem tortuous with inefficient transportation methods. Against a backdrop of globalization and cost – cutting, organizations in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda are competing hard to minimize transportation and distribution costs. Transportation – the backbone of any industry addresses timely and efficient shipments with the perfect blend of technology, services, and processes. They have their own share of challenges in managing enormous product information, tracking goods, auditing transport costs and delivering products on time. Greytrix Africa addresses the shortcomings of the transportation industry with Sage X3 – a fast track business management solution backs all the processes right from planning to distribution - breaking the shackles of an undistributed system, to make delivery quick and efficient.

Moving goods swiftly

Mapping the transportation

Mapping the transportation road: From plan to distribute

Sage X3 is comprised of various modules that assist organizations in monitoring the movement of goods at every stage providing visibility and effectively manage transportation planning and execution. They include:

  • Advanced Pickup, Putaway rules
  • Bulk Order Picking
  • Complete integration with RFID scanners and weighing scales
  • Load management by weight, volume
  • Planning and optimizing transport
  • Real-time and detailed transportation tracking
  • Vehicle load and route optimization
  • Shipping Quotation
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Freight Audit
  • Cost controlling
  • Prompt generation of shipping documents
  • Address complex billing requirements
  • Tariff management and reconciliation
  • Multiple currencies and legislation management
  • Full Business Intelligence capability
  • Full integrated financial modules

Savings on freight charges for an overall cost reduction

Greytrix Africa for Sage X3 ensures that you have real – time and complete information about the goods on single portal. This makes tracking goods faster and easier. It also helps in keeping the transportation process agile and under control. This guarantees freight cost savings and benefits your company’s bottom line in long - term overall cost reduction without impacting service levels.

feight cost

customer experience with sage x3

Sage X3 – Displaying best practices towards customer experience

Transportation is not immune to changes in market scenario. Sage X3 prepares orders and delivery processes using dedicated tools. Greytrix Africa makes sure that customers enjoy prompt delivery of products and accurate information on stock availability. Proper handling of materials results in better delivery of goods without any damage. This boosts customer experience which will thus bring in more customers. 

Sage X3: Platform for Profit

Greytrix Africa introduces Sage X3 for the transportation system in your organizations. With its technologically advanced and fully integrated innovative functionality, Sage X3 offers easy implementation, optimizing transport plans, ensuring products are delivered within tight timelines and delivering 360° customer management, thereby creating a platform for a profitable business growth. 

sage x3 platform

Optimized Warehousing

Optimized Warehousing

Inventory management is one of the major functions in distribution. Greytrix Africa balances the growing stock and demand levels with the help of Sage X3. It assures optimization of inventory levels with fast delivery times. Important features such as duration of the sales cycle, the period, price and the return rate are taken into consideration which directly results in an enhanced inventory management. It is also essential to make sure that goods are tagged properly with the batch number, tracking number and best before tracking with a high turnover which helps in product tracking.


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