Expand markets and control costs

Wholesale trade - one of the key sub-sector in the economic development of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda is expanding substantially. It primarily deals with satisfying bulk demands with timely and efficient delivery of products. As many deals break in for wholesale traders, it becomes difficult to keep track of bulk quantities of a certain product line. Wholesalers work on wafer-thin margins which involves high risks. We at Greytrix Africa understand the increasing delivery requirements in wholesale trade distribution. To tackle the complexity of your trading system, we combine the flexibility, process efficiency of Sage X3 with your existing business processes thereby making your wholesale trade agile and responsive and thus capitalizing on the potential of Sage X3.

Expand Markets

Accelerating Wholesale

Accelerating Wholesale Trade - now faster and better

Sage X3 – with its comprehensive features allows the wholesale business to understand the growing requirements of customers and automates the business processes. The features of Sage X3 in Wholesale trade include:

  • User Management
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Multiple promotion methods
  • Ease in Customer Selection
  • Discounts per line or document and per customer grouping
  • Multiple Tender Types
  • Multicurrency payments Exchanges
  • Online purchase returns
  • Sales Orders with deposits
  • Register Management
  • Human Resource Management Module
  • Entering orders, Credit limit
  • Inventory management

Sage X3 - Taking guesswork out of your inventories

Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 provides a universal solution for trade challenges by optimum utilization of resources. With an aggressive business environment, having an efficient inventory management system has become a necessity and not a luxury. Accurate information about your stocks makes it easier for demand planning and forecasting on sales credits, reducing holding costs, tightening finances and streamlining business processes. This ensures accurate bill of materials, pricing and promotion management, on - time deliveries can be achieved.

Accurate information of stock

Controlling Finances

Controlling finances in the global trading environment

To manage complex finances in your wholesale trade, your business need more than a financial accounting system. A solution that can collate your financial information, take comprehensive insights with the market conditions. Sage X3 eliminates the gaps from the wholesale trade and increases visibility as you plan to take trade globally. New geographic markets, new suppliers, merging with other companies, Sage X3 handles global exchanges effectively with multi-location, multi-currency, and inter-company transactions, improving accuracy of international trade documentation, allowing profits to funnel into your organization.

Timely deliveries providing business advantage

To maintain core competency in your line of business, you need to deliver on time and ensure your end users achieve maximum fulfillment. It is significant to have a holistic and real-time view of your orders – right from sales inquiry to delivery of goods, managing incoming and outgoing shipments, cost of sales and lead time. Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 takes into account monitoring and tracking of goods, identifying defects and taking corrective measures to minimize the returns, confirming the status of delivery enhancing customer trust and confidence.


For more information on Greytrix Africa for Sage X3 for Wholesale trade in East-African regions, please write to us at kenya.sales@greytrix.com

Timely Deliveries


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