Connecting Technology to Healthcare

Healthcare has always one of the subject of concern in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. The management of the healthcare industry involves number of stakeholders such as governments, clinicians, service providers and healthcare administrators. However as departments work in silos, clinical, operational and financial data is not visible throughout the organization that creates a bottleneck in channelizing prompt information of patients. This becomes the reason for increased operational costs, poor assistance and delayed services. Furthermore, maintaining inventories, forecasting demand for clinical supplies, compliance of healthcare related regulations, and higher quality care to patients grapple this industry. Greytrix Africa tackles these challenges by offering a power packed business management solution Sage X3. This solution identifies the business gaps and provides solutions that becomes the survival kit for your healthcare industry.  

Connecting Technology to Healthcare

Transforming Healthcare with Sage X3

Transforming Healthcare with Sage X3

At Greytrix Africa, we deliver Sage X3 which addresses the aforesaid complex tasks by quickly adapting to the dynamic environment providing high performance with its extensive modules such as


Admission Transfer Discharge (ATD)

Out-Patient (OP) and In-Patient (IP)

Quality Control

Patient Appointment

Patient Management

System Manager

Hospital Administration Management

Billing Manager

Equipment Maintenance System

Front desk Management

Appointment Scheduling

Operation Theater / Ward / Bed Management

Patient billing system

Equipment Maintenance System

Better Patient Engagement

Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 ensures that important components of the hospital information like appointments, bed availability, specialized services and schedules of doctors are synchronized with every patient. This synchronized data leads to reduced servicing time for patients that enhances better patient engagement.

sage x3-Better Patient Engagement

Reduced Operational costs with sage x3

Reduced Operational costs, improved profitability in Healthcare industry

Greytrix Africa exploits the Sage X3 functionality of automating operations such as billings, registrations, discharge, and transfer. Human intervention in maintaining these records is eliminated that will allow accurate data handling, saving costs which will ultimately improve efficiency and productivity. Sage X3 succeeds in reducing operational costs thereby improving profitability in Healthcare industries.

Sage X3 - Simplifying inventory management

Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 addresses the challenges of maintaining inventories - expensive and critical to handle. We offer significant help by coordinating the purchase and maintenance of instruments, keeping an eye on expiry period and reorder status, finding economical suppliers etc. All these functionalities on a single system prompts transparency across the organization. This facilitates healthcare industries to make prudent decisions thus reducing administrative costs.

sage x3 inventory management

sage x3 in Healthcare Industry

An Insured Healthcare Industry

Sage X3 is the best software solution for your healthcare industry to provide better patient care, excellent integration, reduced operational expense, thus delivering automated functionality. A refined state-of-art solution accelerates the core business processes from finances to inventories, providing real-time visibility of the activity to address the concerns and make lives easier for the patients and employees.


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