Envi - Sage success for your Non – Profit Organization with Sage X3 

There are number of Non-profit organizations operating in East African region primarily set up for improving the living conditions for a healthier environment in countries like Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. As these NGO’s plan to grow globally, it becomes essential for them to keep track of the funds they receive from donors and provide the donors clarity on the usage of the funds.

It becomes essential to control the effects of globalization related to international development, making internal and external communication easier and effective. However most of the data is still prevalent in traditional spreadsheets, conventional ERP, ultimately decelerating data visibility and affecting insights of the organization. Fundraising, planning expenditures, and tracking finances which form the core functions of any non-profit organization becomes a strenuous task due to inaccurate data organization and extraction. Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 with its gamut of unique features takes care of your organization’s business data. The specific industry requirements for non-profit organizations include:

  • Easy creation and management of invoices
  • Effective supplies management
  • Easy view of critical business information
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy customization
  • Tracking transactions of complex projects with actual movement and budget
  • End-to-end functionality
  • Increased visibility, flexibility and collaboration
  • Creating companies in NPO specific settings
  • Design standard report templates in Excel and updates them straight from the software

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Tracking Funds in NPO

Tracking Funds: From Grants to Disbursements Now Easier

Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 ensures to deliver a powerful ERP suite with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your non-profit organization.  It takes care of the revenue cycle from grants to disbursements, providing visibility over your total expenses with effective planning to cater futuristic needs, thereby keeping your non-profit organization in forefront.

Robust Solution. Limitless Possibilities

Sage X3’s effective features like financial accounting, material management, customer service, sophisticated reporting tools etc. substantially help in creating effective reports, offering clarity on the expenditure of funds driving the performance of your Non-Profit Organization. As an effective ERP solution, Sage X3 stands out planning all your activities and streamlining them to offer a secure and up-to-date business process, thereby focusing all your efforts 02on creating a social impact rather than being wound up with the functionality of business data. 


Record Keeping in NPO

Transparency and Visibility in Transactions

With every transaction, NPO needs to keep a record of source, purpose and other attributes. For a maximum impact you need to deliver visibility requiring an exploded view of transactions which calls for a robust business management solution. Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 with a detailed view of its transactions responds to the stringent requirements by collecting relevant data to create a maximum service impact for your NPO.

Customization as per your business needs

Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 makes navigation user-friendly with interactive portals designed for specific roles. This enhances performance indicators that offers flexibility towards the organization. The full integration of office tools with Sage X3 improves the overall functionality of the non – profit organizations covering all the operational needs in terms of finance, grant contract management, fund raising, distribution, logistics etc.



For more information on Greytrix Africa for Sage X3 in Non-Profit organizations in East-African regions, please write to us at kenya.sales@greytrix.com

Customization Business needs


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