Aligning your enterprise to the needs of the customers

Industries in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda are increasing their investment in ERP and CRM technologies to simplify business processes. With growing competition, it has become necessary to align your enterprise to the dynamic needs of the customers and offer seamless service. Enterprises use robust ERP - Sage X3 for handling inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, finance etc. and CRM for managing their marketing, sales and customer relations activity. Both these systems are phenomenal in their own domain. Greytrix Kenya offers integrated ERP – CRM systems to offer real-time data accessibility across the horizontals of your organization. This ultimately enhances your decision making capabilities thereby offering competitive edge in the service industry over other firms.

Enterprise need of customers

CRM System

Greytrix CRM integration

For managing and nurturing a customer’s interactions & sales prospects by understanding the demography, Greytrix with its GUMU™ framework integrates Sage ERP with Salesforce & Sage CRM. 

The integrated solutions include:

  1. GUMU™ Integration for Sage ERP (Sage X3/ Sage 300/ Sage 100/ Sage 500) with Sage CRM
  2. GUMU™ Integration for Sage ERP (Sage X3/ Sage 300/ Sage 100) with Salesforce

The integrated solutions provide the following benefits:

  1. Real-Time Customer Sync & Sales Order Sync
  2. Real-Time Customer Inquiry Information
  3. Quote Correct Prices on real-time basis
  4. Access from portable devices
  5. Authorization Control
  6. Import Customers from Sage ERP to CRM
  7. Link / unlink Customers
  8. Product Synchronization
Features and Benefits of Greytrix Kenya Offerings

The features of GUMU™ Integration for Sage ERP and CRM (Salesforce and Sage CRM) include:


  • Real-time Bi-directional Integration

Greytrix Kenya allows accounts, customer data sync on real-time basis between Sage ERP and Salesforce / Sage CRM. The real-time data visibility of critical customer information helps in maintaining data consistency and reliability between the two business systems. The additional feature of promoting the customers and sales orders from Salesforce / Sage CRM to Sage ERP enhances the ability to view real time changes of customer information.

real time bi direction

authorization Control

  • Authorization Control

Greytrix Kenya brings together the different pieces of information about market trends, marketing effectiveness, customers, sales and responsiveness with its integrated solution. It helps enterprises to maintain confidentiality and flexibility on the access of ERP & CRM data assuring security of the crucial customer information. 

  • Productivity on the go

Greytrix Kenya - GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM / Salesforce with Sage ERP makes sure that critical information about the leads, customers, sales, orders can be accessed across devices. With the mobility of accessing the data anywhere and anytime and responding to the customer’s requests Greytrix Kenya - GUMU™ Integration improves customer satisfaction and customer retention. This helps enterprises to make better decisions with accurate information on product availability & order information.

crm system productivity

CRM system automated workflow

  • Automated Workflow for Enhanced Productivity

The reduction in de-duplication of data introduces improved automation of workflow streamlining business processes and thereby increasing the productivity of the enterprises. The integrated solution assures accuracy, consistency and completeness of data throughout the enterprises. Thus, reducing the cost of marketing and client service.



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