The upsurge of eCommerce in East – African regions
With online shoppers increasing day by day, eCommerce industry is booming in the East – African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. To power your online business with multiple functionalities, enterprises use Magento as their eCommerce platform that offers a gamut of services to display their products online. Parallely, a robust ERP system like Sage X3 for managing their inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, finance and customer relationships etc. Both these systems are efficient in their independent domains. Greytrix Africa identified this gap and developed integrated solution to help enterprises optimize their business.

eCommerce in East – Africa

Challenges across eCommerce in east africa

Challenges across eCommerce 
eCommerce industries experience a series of challenges as they manage their online store. These include managing fluctuating inventory levels, customer-based pricing issues, ease of payment and order processing, supply chain and manual data entry for aligning the ERP and e-Commerce platform.


Greytrix Africa analyzes these challenges and with strategic methodologies comes up with its unique GUMU™ framework for Sage ERP and Magento integration that eliminates the complexities of the business, which include:

  • GUMU™ integration for Magento e-Commerce with Sage X3
  • GUMU™ integration for Magento e-Commerce with Sage 300

Solution that these integration solutions provide are:

  • Real-time inventory updating from Sage ERP to Magento
  • Different tiered pricing for various B2B customers
  • Reduces shipping time with faster order processing
  • Eliminates redundant data entry tasks from Magento to Sage ERP
Features of Magento eCommerce integration with Sage ERP
  • B2B and B2C eCommerce

Magento e-Commerce is a flexible, scalable and widely supported open source platform catering to B2C as well as B2B businesses. B2C e-Commerce Portals experience challenges concerning categorized view of items. With our integration, Sage ERP generates a Product Catalog on Magento store for faster access of the product categories. Whereas B2B businesses require customized websites according to their needs. With customizations to Magento, we manage customer specific portals and catalogs, purchase huge lot products with tiered pricings, quick order entries and multiple payment options.

B2B and B2C eCommerce in east africa

eCommerce industry in East Africa

  • Salespeople Management

Sales representatives manage customer accounts within their territory. Magento platform will help you in building a channel for employees that can assist in serving a particular group of customers in the buying process and placing orders on behalf of the customers. With this integration, you can easily link your sales representatives to the web store, track orders and effectively manage the commission process.

  • Bi-directional Data Synchronization – Customer and Products

Greytrix Africa offers bi-directional data synchronization of customers, products, orders, payments, and shipments of Magento to Sage ERP. You have the ability to synchronize guest accounts / retail customers from Magento to a single customer in Sage ERP. In the similar way, products with exact inventory levels, descriptions, pricing and images will be automatically updated from Sage ERP to Magento.
  • Tracking Order Status & Payments 

Orders from web store will be generated as order type /direct invoicing order in Sage ERP. Generated order will have accurate details such as billing/shipping addresses, prices, taxes, freight and payments. Deliveries and invoicing will be done in Sage ERP. Real-time status will be updated back into Magento, marking the concerned orders as shipped or invoiced.
  • Customer Specific Pricing

Customer specific pricing list in Sage X3 is synced with the pricing rules. With mapping of customer category groups in Magento, specialized pricing rules can be defined for a particular set of customers.

Greytrix Kenya for Magento e-Commerce integration

Benefits of Magento eCommerce integration with Sage ERP
  • Easy and quick installation

Greytrix Africa offers a quick and easy integration process that will reduce the deployment time with a rich and easy to use interface.
  • Seamless Scheduling

Sales orders, customers and invoices can be updated at regular intervals with the help of an inbuilt scheduler program that ensures accurate data synchronization between the two systems.
  • Flexible & Scalable Solution

There is flexibility and scalability in data mapping between the integrated systems. A Plugin based architecture assists in setting up and managing the integration link.



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