Peer – to – peer connectivity with EDI
In order to stay competitive w.r.t global economy, East African companies are required to re-evaluate the way they do business with their customers and vendors. Application of technology in the way business communication is carried out is one of the crucial success factor. This facilitated the need of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between systems that can store, organize, move and provide data as and when required. EDI is the technology that focuses on the delivery of electronic communication between businesses that includes order, invoices, shipment information, sales reports etc. Without EDI, your internal processes have poor response times, excessive paperwork floating around and potential errors that can be avoided by automation. Greytrix Africa understands the benefits EDI can bring to your business and offers EDI integration with Sage X3 that will bolster your growing organizational needs.  

Electronic Data Interchange

Integrating EDI to ERP

Integrating EDI to ERP
With expertise in advanced methodologies, Greytrix Africa assists you in integrating EDI systems to your Sage X3 systems in order to eliminate manual data entry and experience seamless integration for your business specific requirements. The features of EDI include:
  • EDI operation can be driven seamlessly from Sage X3
  • EDI transfers can be scheduled
  • Document exchange with many partners possible
  • Email feature informs you when new orders has arrived
  • Supply chain collaboration through real – time information
  • Inventory optimization
  • Scalable solution to handle increased transactional volume
  • Error reduction through automated business processes
  • Tracking of all EDI transactions and increased visibility into your business operations
Reap the benefits of an integrated system
Greytrix Africa delivers end – to – end solutions with EDI integration and makes sure that the integrated solutions are easy to use, eliminating manual data entry, guaranteeing accurate and reliable data exchange, making it cost – effective and well – supported. It also improves visibility into the transactions, shortening the order – to – cash cycle and enhances customer service due to shorter delays in order fulfillment. Our integrated Sage X3 and EDI systems ensure that all your business documents are as per industry and legal standards keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

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Integrating EDI to ERP


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