Struggling with Disorganized Inventory. Get ADC to the rescue!

Industries involved in engineering, wholesale distribution, process and discrete manufacturing innumerably encounter issues related to product inventory. Manually keeping a count of the inventories becomes a laborious task more prone to errors. An effective and quick response of tracking and accurate movement of inventories are the challenges that businesses face to stay ahead of the competitive. Automated Data Collection (ADC), a compact version of a typical warehouse management system (WMS) is the solution for the core inventory associated challenges.

Inventory Data Collection Now Easier with ADC
ADC captures product information from sources like barcodes, handwritten documents and licenses. To avoid manual operations, data redundancy and errors while tracking the vital data, there is a need to integrate ADC to Sage X3, a flexible ERP solution. Integrating ADC to Sage X3 will allow the accounting, manufacturing and distribution modules to seamlessly communicate with each other, permitting accurate and verified data collection. Sage X3 integration with ADC supports Production transactions like Production Picking/ Staging, Material Issuing, Labor Reporting and Warehouse transactions like Picking and Stocking, Warehouse Location Changes, Cycle Counting etc. 
Integrate and Improve Putaway of Stocks
With precise material counting and enhanced verification, maintenance costs are reduced thereby directing your resources towards an efficient workflow. The integration of ADC to Sage X3 also boosts your overall productivity through faster putaway and picking times, shipping with a quick learning curve for your employees, eliminating the paperwork involved in inventory management. The easy to install, configure and customization feature makes ADC integration with Sage X3 a remarkable yet cost-effective Warehouse Management solution.
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Sage X3 Warehouse Management System for East Africa


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