Growth of chemical industries in East Africa

The East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda resemble an emerging market. There is substantial economic potential for chemical industry in East African region for multiple reasons. The magnitude of chemical industries centers on factors such as low cost of labor and materials, rapidly growing population, an expanding middle class and a rising demand for products. With low costs of labor and materials, the growing population has a tremendous demand for the East African regions to enter the global market. However, challenges like relentless price competition, significant cost fluctuations, accordance to mandatory regulations and quality assurances decelerate the growth. Staying ahead in business competition becomes astray. Greytrix Africa understands these business hurdles and creates a way out to overcome them with the help of Sage X3. Sage X3 is a fine-tuned business management solution for your chemical industries in East Africa.

Chemical Industries in east africa

sage x3 in chemical industry

Retooling the business models using Sage X3

Sage X3 has a built-in functionality to manage manufacturing process cycle right from manufacturing to warehouse management, sales, marketing, and accounting etc. The following features makes it the best business management solutions for the chemical industries:

  • Powerful conversion with metric measurements or conversions from liquids to solids or gases to liquids.
  • Fully-integrated quality control process enforcing inspections for conformance to required characteristics and operational tolerances.
  • Ability to conduct inspections during receiving and packaging processes.
  • Strict inspection rules for any suspicious items and automatically quarantining them.
  • Complete system navigation by business process for fast user adoption.
  • Quotation processing for recording all previous purchases and creating the basis for monthly proposals. This list is usually filtered to available contract purchases and any new prices can update the master file to ensure fast and efficient sales order processing.
  • Container Management manages stock and automatically proposes most suitable container.
  • Import Tracking allows tracking of imported goods from shipping through loading.
  • Warehouse management for efficient utilization of warehouse space.
  • Management of formulae and recipes, potency, by-products, multiple packaging units per product, shelf-life, batch control and traceability, specific gravity and weight calculations. 
Improved visibility. Better decision-making with Sage X3

Greytrix Kenya with Sage X3 ensures better decision making with consolidated and relevant data across entities of the chemical industry. A broader visibility of production status brings you faster information about the products. This provides better agility to the demand changes in the manufacturing and supply chain network.

Decision Making

Enhanced Supply Chain

Being cost effective with enhanced supply chain planning

Sage X3 with various modules of the supply chain planning and execution takes care of the business issues like rising costs and wastes, managing and evaluating vendors, steep transportation and inventory costs due to tight security and regulations. It improves cycle time through supply chain visibility and efficiency, delivers a prompt order to cash cycle with more accurate planning etc. It also obtains a total view of the purchases and evaluates vendor performance, manages tactical and strategic sourcing, minimizing transaction costs.  

Analyzing the root cause and being compliant

Greytrix Africa understands the importance of data accuracy and transparency and how crucial it is to deliver highly assured products to the end customers. Sage X3 ascertains that the products manufactured in the chemical industry undergo rigorous quality testing with the norms laid down by the Government. We reduce the non-compliance risks, the costs involved in it and protect the brand value of your chemical industry.



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Analyzing the root cause


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