Sage X3 - Securing Nutrition
Food and beverage industry is the key driver for economic growth in the East - African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda. Growth in this sector has a significant impact on the whole economy as it contributes around a third of the total GDP of the manufacturing sector. However, food products are substantiated by shelf life and nutritional value that needs to be compliant under stringent regulations. It is crucial to guarantee a safe and superior quality of products whilst delivering varying customer demands. Failing to identify these gaps affects the visibility into the supply chain and thus affects the bottom-line. Greytrix Africa with a versatile business management solution eliminates these gaps in the food and beverage industry with the help of Sage X3.

Sage X3 in Food and Beverage industries

sage x3 solution in east africa

Simple yet Strong Business Solution – Sage X3!
Sage X3 with a specific manufacturing functionality, standardizes the processes, consolidates them by identifying the gaps in the workflows and makes optimum utilization of the materials thereby reducing wastage. It also ensures the following benefits are met:
  • Accurate procurement of raw materials
  • Packaging of the products
  • Precise pricing and contract management
  • Expiry and shelf life management
  • Quality control of products right from production, processing to finished products
  • Risk assessment of the food products for its compliance under stringent food safety regulations
  • Fully integrated quality control
  • Specific gravity and weight calculations
  • Import Tracking
  • Finite Capacity scheduling to avoid cross-contamination
Tracking items easier with bi-directional traceability
Sage X3 ensures your maintenance costs are minimal with its unique feature of bi-directional traceability of stocks from raw material to finished products. This facilitates easy audit trials for inspection and quality control, making your products compliant to the food regulations. Thus, Sage X3 is an investment that will continue to benefit your food and beverage industry tuning itself to the growing demands.  
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Sage X3 in Food and Beverage industries


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