Sage X3 – holistic solution for Pharma Industry
The pharmaceutical sector in East Africa is a complex one. It involves different stakeholders such as the manufacturers, national regulators, government ministries, wholesalers and others. Developing the industry requires concerted support from business management solution like Sage X3 so that industry can flourish and realize its full potential. At Greytrix Africa we understand the complexities of the industry and provide you with holistic solution that help you abide the stringent rules with the region’s health sectors, involve legislations and stay ahead of competition. Here is how – 

Sage X3 – holistic solution for Pharma Industry

Sage X3 for Pharmaceutical industries in East Africa

An efficient process - Manufacturing to Distribution
Greytrix Africa offers Sage X3 for Pharmaceutical industries in East Africa which effectively manages number of processes from drug manufacturing to distribution. Sage X3 efficiently control the quality of finished products, manage the inventory and document every aspect of the drug formulation. The features of Sage X3 for the Pharmaceutical industries are:
  • Formula management
  • Weight calculations
  • Potency management
  • Full lot control and traceability
  • Electronic signatures with transaction audit traceability
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Sophisticated pricing and contract management
  • Sub-contracted operations and supply chain control
  • Advanced order fulfillment and inventory allocation procedures
  • Product packaging
Connecting Healthcare and well-being
At Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 we address complexities of pharmaceutical industries with aforesaid features. Modules in Sage X3 ensure the documentation of all the necessary information right from quantity, the ingredient cost, preparation cost, historical data about ingredients, how they are processed, prepared for packaging, etc. that will assist enterprises in complying with the necessary government regulations, shipping data, etc. Thereby proper management of vital data is made possible with Sage X3.

pharmaceutical industries with aforesaid features

Sage x3 Inventory management

Inventory management made possible
Managing inventory is the major functionality of Sage X3 because finished products in pharmaceutical industries come up with an expiry date. The drugs need to be delivered on first come first out so that they reach the end consumers before the expiry date. This minimize wastes with controlled production with reduced inventory costs.
Complying with regulations with quality assured
Sage X3 with its unique feature of regulation compliance makes it just right for pharmaceutical industry. All the drugs manufacturers have to pass through stringent regulations of quality testing for the compliance laid by the Governments Drug Administration. If any of the finished product fails to meet the standards, then quick measures for ensuring the safety of the consumers’ needs to be taken.  At Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry is visualized and what is delivered is more than life-saving drugs.
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