Drive organizational growth with Enterprise Application Integration

Agriculture, manufacturing, financial services, wholesale, retail trade, and transport are booming in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Uganda. To eliminate the complexity of business processes, organizations adopted CRM, ERP, and subsequent enterprise applications. However, these industries wrestle to capture business transactions in real – time decelerating the responsiveness with growing competition. Enterprises look for bridging the gap between the different enterprise applications to correlate them for a clear vision of development. Greytrix Kenya with its Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) integrates IT infrastructure and introduces seamless functionality of the enterprise applications.

Enterprise Application Integration

connecting verticals with eai

Connecting Verticals with EAI

Greytrix Africa - EAI connects various verticals of organizations and integrates applications, business services and business partners. With right communications and infrastructure, Enterprise Application Integration gives organizations the flexibility to customize applications as required. It provides the right alignment between IT and business. EAI provides the security characteristics tailored to meet business needs for monitoring and maintaining the system performance.

EAI – Anticipate pitfalls as your enterprise grows

Successful implementation of Greytrix Africa - EAI helps organizations reduce the complexity and ensures better focus of resources and time on core business processes. It helps to anticipate the growing pains of the current and evolving business requirements adapting to the business changes in real time. 

enterprise anticipate pitfalls

eai data sharing

Improved data sharing and management

The presence of Greytrix Africa - EAI between different applications increases transparency by increased information view and reduces duplication of data between different applications. EAI assists in consolidating each entity into a single view. This results in an enhanced business process thereby boosting efficiency throughout organizations.

Cost effective solutions with best methodologies

Greytrix Africa - Enterprise Application Integration makes your organization agile and lean assisting to the hyper competitive market. With enriched methodologies, best practices, templates and reusable frameworks Greytrix Kenya Enterprise Application Integration provides cost effective, flexible and quick integration solutions. 



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