Mining Data now Simpler and Secured

Enterprises big or small have business management systems to take care of its complex data. However, as business develops it is essential that the business management system be scalable. Hence organizations look for enhanced systems like Sage X3 ERP that can handle larger information as they grow. Complications arise when the information maintained by traditional systems is to be migrated to a new systems.


Industries such as mining, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale trade and pharmaceuticals are growing progressively in the East African topographies like Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. Due to which there is increased requirement of systems capable of handling larger information and facility to migrate data to such bigger ERP such as Sage X3 while maintaining data consistency throughout.


Greytrix Kenya understands the holistic need of East African industries and arms technology powered with the best tools for this painless data migration.

Mining Data

Data Migration

Pain points of Data Migration

Data migration isn’t a cakewalk. As you consider migrating the data from your existing system to Sage X3 ERP, it is crucial to understand the core functionality nature of the target ERP system. Sage X3 ERP is termed as one of the largest business management system till date which requires a careful configuration and setup before moving the data into it. Greytrix Kenya has a sophisticated approach to transfer the crucial organizational data that includes accounts, customers, vendors and products along with their transaction history without the loss of data.

Prerequisites of Migration

We at Greytrix Kenya gather all the prerequisites like the type and amount of data to be migrated, the data migration rate along with the operational complexity and potential cost before initiating the process. We also incorporate methodology without affecting much downtime thereby reducing the productivity risks. We make sure that all your accounts, sales orders, purchase orders, inventory masters, tax masters and transaction history are taken care of during the migration process.

/Prerequisites of Migration

Analysis to Validation

From Analysis to Validation - A holistic migration

Greytrix Kenya follows a roadmap that takes into account data analysis, data extraction, data cleansing and validation of data that finds out the errors and eliminates data duplicity, merge data as necessary during the migration process. The transfer of data from traditional systems to the upgraded systems is cost effective and we deliver flawless quality of the conversion, beyond client expectations. And while doing all of this we ensure minimum downtime by executing the migration process as per your request.

Better insights tap new opportunities

Greytrix Kenya’s data migration will allow different storage types, formats thus eliminating the tedious human intervention of updating the data, reducing errors in data entry. Your enterprises will gain better insight encouraging superior customer understanding and business operations. This will ultimately result in increasing the productivity. Our standardized migration technique will be constructive to effective data storage and access thereby tapping new business opportunities.



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Better Insights New Opportunities


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