Need of business specific customizations

At Greytrix Africa, we understand the distinctiveness of every industry. For qualifying your enterprise goals, we provide you with customizations that are built with unique tools. Greytrix Africa’s expertise in Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it a cakewalk in overcoming the business challenges in your East African industries of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia. SDK is a set of development tools used to create business specific applications for a certain software package, software framework, or operating system.

SDK business specific customizations

Sage SDK

Sage SDK - The Comprehensive Kit for customizations

Greytrix Africa’s SDK development for Sage X3 include API or Architecture Documentation, Library Files, Development Tools and Utilities that transforms applications to your business specific requirements. 4GL, Eclipse Editor, Java Bridge server, JQuery, Crystal Reports and Web service Tester are used for developing innovative customizations.

4GL and Eclipse Editor - Writing and debugging codes

Greytrix Africa makes your customizations simpler and easier with 4GL IDE and Eclipse Editor which are used for developing vertical applications & debugging codes for Sage X3. Along with this, we also bring in integrated system updates, supporting multiple operating systems for your growing business.


JQuery, Java Bridge Server and Crystal reports

Greytrix Africa builds integrations for Sage X3 solution with third party add-ons like Payment Gateways, Mobile eCommerce, Payment Security, Point of Sales, Document Management, Marketing and Analytics solution etc. These integrations make your business well equipped to meet your desired objectives. With the minimized use of codes, Greytrix Africa can create responsive webpage capable of document traversing, animating and event handling. With expertise in Crystal Reporting Greytrix Africa can help you create meaningful reports from multiple data sources. This gives a better standpoint to make decisions for your enterprise. It helps you to build custom reports as per your need as and when required. With such data-rich analytical reports, insights to customer behavior is attained you that keeps your business in the driver’s seat. 

The structure from perception to customization

Greytrix Africa with a unique blend of technique, tools and experience formulates the entire customization journey from planning to execution with accuracy. With Greytrix Africa’s SDK better mobility, user experience, and easier interface with external systems is achieved that builds trust with its users.


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structure from perception to customization


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