Prerequisite for the Upgraded ERP systems in East Africa

Conventional notion about any ERP or CRM upgrade is that it just a small step from one version to the next, after all there is no major shredding off infrastructure or any replacements. But in reality it may be almost like having altogether new system in place. Dynamic East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda are experiencing consistent growth in agriculture, mining, trade and service sectors; hence it is essential that these industries maintain its IT ecosystem compatible with surging market trends. Enterprises running on an older version of Sage ERP or CRM, run into risk of no longer able to keep up with organization’s growing needs. The capabilities gap between older versions of ERP designs and current demands already poses a problem that many companies simply can’t ignore. Upgrading is one of the best alternatives than replacing the Sage ERP or CRM solution completely, considering the amount of time and investment involved. At Greytrix Africa, we comprehend to the dynamic needs of your East African industries and work towards offering best services for business specific requirements.

Upgraded ERP systems in East Africa

Minimum Downtime with Sage X3 in kenya

Minimum downtime achieve maximum upgrade

Often upgrade services are termed as a daunting task as it creates a turmoil in the functionality of your enterprises considering resources, productivity and effectiveness. Whilst upgrading, we keep in mind the downtime affecting your existing business. Greytrix Africa offers Upgrade Services maintaining operational efficiency with optimal software performance. Before embarking on an upgrade project, our techno-functional consultants analyze your existing systems, evaluate the factors necessitating the need of an upgraded ERP system. We offer the ROI analysis and detailed business scenarios that quantifies the true benefit of the upgrade to your existing business. This will not only yield benefits & enhanced opportunities but also give true value of your investments.

Leveraging benefits of upgraded systems

Greytrix Africa with a decade long experience in upgrading Sage ERP and CRM systems ensures accelerated time to value with less risk. We keep an eye on the functionality, ease of business, seamless integration with your existing systems. We set realistic expectations of resources and time for the system upgrade and this has helped us in an improved delivery efficiency. Additionally, we train your resources to leverage the true benefits of an upgraded system delivering faster adoption of latest features and functionality. This will keep your organization aware of the systems you need and value of the investments for your overall organizational benefits.

Leveraging benefits of upgraded systems

Tracking progress from your Upgrades

Tracking progress from your Upgrades

Greytrix Upgrade Services for Sage ERP and CRM uses best-in-class methodology and standardized tools to simplify the execution of the upgrade process. With our upgrade capabilities, we understand that your enterprises need more room to grow and our experts help you complete the upgrade faster with lower cost and risk. Our phased upgrade process makes it easier for your enterprises to tracing the progress at regular milestones. This way your organization will be financially sound, experience organizational stability, proven project management and maintain exceptional customer experience.



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