Sage 300 - A Pragmatic Approach to Business
Having a good IT solutions is the deciding factor in any business because competition will outrun you if you refuse to change – is a business maxim that most of the companies adopt to stay ahead in business. Greytrix Africa for Sage 300 - an ERP line of enterprise management and accounting application consolidates and coordinates business processes like, operations, inventory, sales, marketing and customer service to envision success and boost growth. 
Some of the features and benefits of Sage 300 include:

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Collate, Consolidate, Control 
Information when available in disorganized fashion creates a chaos in providing a true standpoint of the business and also leads to ineffective customer service. To avoid this, Greytrix Africa for Sage 300 integrates accounting and customer data providing a better overview of the processes keeping disparate departments and business activities in sync that will assist you to take informed business decisions. This will not only elevate your existing business but will also improve its financial viability. 
Managing financial data at the snap-of-a-finger
Purchasing raw materials, promoting sales orders and tracking inventory costs are all monetary transactions. Maintaining a legitimate record of Account Payables and Account Receivables, payment processing, multi-currency support, providing a complete accounting and financial management system is guaranteed by Greytrix Africa for Sage 300 that accelerates reporting as per template prevalent in East Africa.

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Customizable Architecture
Greytrix Africa ensures that Sage 300 easily adapts to your existing business environment with its multiple database platforms and gives you the power to customize the business management solution according to your requirements. It offers better flexibility and scalability with a robust technology that adds different features as you grow. 
Behind successful brand are its loyal customers
Being customer – centric helps in branding your products which will take your business to new heights. Collaboration with customers and business partners yields tremendous competitive advantage which can boost a company's bottom line. Greytrix Africa for Sage 300 delivers better customer experience for you by an integrated view of your business data and a promising business growth that too at low ownership costs.

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Multi-language to multi-legislation: ERP for Global business
When your business grow beyond local markets and it becomes essential to harness the potential of your existing business tools to comply with currencies and regulations across different borders. Greytrix Africa ensures that Sage 300 supports languages, currencies and taxation regulations to keep your business activities like accounting, sales, and inventory etc. streamlined, making it a unified business solution that will drive your business globally.
Gain visibility for quick business decisions
The right information at the right time with the available tools will provide enhanced visibility into business metrics. Greytrix Africa ensures with Sage 300 you get 360° view of your business, real-time metrics, and the ability to create personalized dashboards and meaningful reports. You gain live visibility across all departments and companies with Sage 300c business intelligence tools. You can also use prebuilt templates to report on any critical aspect of your company.


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