Customers, sales and marketing made easier with Sage CRM
“If you don't care for your customers, someone else will” is an adage businesses use while delivering customer service. An organization’s standard is determined by the voice of its customers. They have to manage complex data like tracking leads, prospects, support related interactions through every stage of the sales pipeline apart from their core business. In this process, servicing customers becomes a difficult task as essential data is not readily accessible.

Greytrix Africa assures that Sage CRM for organizations in East Africa will emphasize on the cumulative approach of business processes like sales, marketing, and customer service. This will offer a rapid ROI at low ownership cost with a characteristic of bridging the information gap between different departments.

Sage CRM in Kenya

Greytrix Kenya Sage CRM

Sage CRM: Strengthening the Business Pipeline
Greytrix Africa Sage CRM automates business processes applied in East African region and consolidates the sales information about the prospects, leads, sales reports etc. It also manages and analyzes the value of sales opportunity in your pipeline, maximizing cross and up-sell opportunities and make smarter and quick decisions. An enhanced pipeline management allows all the employees to access information of customers anytime introducing transparency within the organization. Sales representatives will thus focus more on sales and less time on administration. 
Transparency in Customer Service
Customer information – anytime, anywhere is a distinctive feature of Sage CRM. Greytrix Africa with the help of Sage CRM maintains customer records over a centralized database, providing prompt and relevant information for an effective customer service. It also offers quick and accurate order tracking that drives revenue, improving employee efficiency and keeping your customers satisfied. This will eventually reduce customer support costs and improve customer retention. 

Sage CRM Customer Information

Leads with Sage CRM

Generate leads with Sage CRM
There is a whole lot of marketing that is executed to win new customers and retain existing ones. Proper planning, executing, controlling budget and tracking are essential for a successful campaign. Generation of leads becomes easier through major social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Financial profiling, information of orders, purchases, special interests and demographics with multiple templates and filtering options enables users to execute high quality, targeted campaigns to attract new leads across East Africa. Customers will be closely connected and engagement of the customers with employees becomes viable, fostering loyalty, building customer retention and increasing revenue. Keeping the right customers informed at the right time and tracking the campaigns is possible using analytics made available in Sage CRM.
Managing Business operations on the go
With Mobile responsive Sage CRM, real-time customer and order information can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Schedule calls, recording emails, managing activities, viewing history all becomes manageable on your mobile phones. This streamlines business processes with better visibility and increased sales productivity, enhancing customer support.

Mobile responsive Sage CRM

Sage CRM Services in East-African regions

Streamlining front & back office operations with integration
For a successful business, collaborated workflow is very essential between departments. Relevant operational data should be visible and consistent throughout the organization. Hence it is important to integrate Sage CRM with ERP.  Sage CRM takes care of the front-office operations like Customer support, increasing Sales by converting Leads to Customers/Opportunities and retaining existing Customers. On the other hand, ERP handles the back-office operations like managing Purchases, Finances, Inventories, Sales Orders, and Accounts etc. The strength of an integrated CRM and ERP solution is the bridge that facilitates both roles to be carried out seamlessly and this functionality is provided in Sage CRM. 



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