Sage X3 - An unparalleled business management solution
Greytrix Africa gets to you Sage X3 a faster, reliable and powerful web-based all in one ERP solution - tailored to meet unique business demands of East African region. It delivers flexible and highly scalable output providing better insight of the business. With a cutting edge technology built on SAGE X3 platform, Sage X3 caters rich functionality integrating areas of your business like manufacturing, finance, distribution, sales, inventories etc. to provide the best of breed software solution. It is built with tools that will reduce product development cycles, efficiently manage inventories, eliminates the bottlenecks in the industries which leads to increased revenue, improved customer experience and globally expanding your business.

Some of the features and benefits of Sage X3 for East African enterprises are:

Greytrix Kenya Sage x3

Sage x3 ERP in Kenya

Simplify your complex Accounting System
Sage X3 – resolute ERP solution includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and many diverse inbuilt operations that can chart all the financial, personnel, budgeting and accounting commitments effortlessly. Sage X3 can also coherently handle monetary transfers between different countries in the African region.
People before Profit. Improved Customer service
Customers are the heart of any business and servicing them will help you attain your business goals. With Sage X3, employees can access complete information on customer orders, a status of products without any dependency and hassle. With capabilities like contact management, exceptional customer service, customer call center support, better solution knowledge base and effective marketing campaigns your business can soar to new horizons.

Sage X3 Customer service

Sage x3 customer demands

Optimize your Stocks. Improve your bottom-line
Controlling complex supply chain demand is essential for a seamless business functionality. With Sage X3’s multistage warehousing and site management, inventory control, tracking and control of stocks is viable. This will reduce the inefficiencies by optimizing order entry, managing raw material costs thereby standardizing the processes. Thus a lean manufacturing process directly proportional to the growing customer demands can be attained with Sage X3. 
Take your ERP data on Cloud 
As global markets expand, rapidly evolving technology demands for cost-effective business management solutions. Businesses look for solutions that are capable of offering business transactions over portable devices. A solution that can effectively align your customers’ data and generate effective insights without getting affected by the market fluctuations. Accounting, sales, distribution and inventory information can be taken on the cloud making information readily available. Continuous and real-time visibility of the data boosts customer service effectively. With resilient security and scalability, businesses can deliver faster deployment with reduced infrastructure costs making your business grow globally.
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Sage X3 in East-African regions


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