Redefining HR System with Sage X3 People
Organizations thrive on profits which is an outcome of an assiduous workforce and a strategic business plan. A strong financial performance backed up with a superlative employee efficiency is what it takes for a good company to become great. At Greytrix Africa, we understand how important it is for you to retain your resources and capitalize on it while tracking your workforce costs. Hence we bring to you - Sage X3 People - a product of Sage HRMS that aims to cater SMEs. It is an HR management system that is integrated with accounting system and business management system. With a series of attributes, it delivers number of benefits and removes complexities from the HR management, making it flexible and easy.

HR System with Sage X3 People

Greytrix Kenya with Sage X3 people

Managing people made simpler and easier
At Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 people, we unify HR management system with financial data and business management system thereby providing business with in-depth information of their employees. It provides better clarity on employee productivity that estimates workforce costs, improving competitiveness in the organization. The features include:
Absence Management
Performance Management
Benefits Enrollment
Employee Self Service
Manager Self Service
On- Boarding & Off- Boarding
Workforce Analytics
Time & Attendance
Vacation & Sick Leave
Training & Skills
Employees accessing personal information – Easier and Faster
At Greytrix Africa, we understand major part of HR departments’ time is consumed in processing and providing employee with their personal or financial information. This issue can be resolved by providing employees access to their information without HR management’s intervention. This can done by integrating Sage X3 people solution with Sage X3 seamlessly, thereby without having to transfer information manually or between systems employees are able to store and access records of employees pertaining to their work- hours, absences, bonuses, access pay slips, refer to their contract, forecast and efficiently track work hours. Thus Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 People helps you with time-costly HR administration processes and lets you plan personnel and financial decisions strategically.

Sage X3 People-Employees information

Access data – anywhere, anytime

Access data – anywhere, anytime, any device
We at Greytrix Africa understand the leverage your organization gets with mobility. So with Sage X3 people, get anytime access to HR services and key performance indicators through mobile access on any device and dedicated mobile applications. Your employees and managers can now view crucial data over dedicated apps anywhere, anytime and on any device. Easier visibility over the employees’ contribution towards the organization makes tracking easier.
Better employee engagement for revenue generation
For a mid-sized organization, it is crucial to attract and retain talented employees, mapping and subsequently developing their skills. We at Greytrix Africa understand this and in order to facilitate organizations with Sage X3 People solution wherein it assesses, maps, compares your workforce achievements and assigns dedicated training courses.


Thereby engaging your resources, creating a feeling of trust with the work and facilitates a standardized work culture. This improves the quality of work that will boost productivity and help in business growth. The increase in employee engagement will ensure employee retention.


Sage X3 People, thus forms a flexible solution that draws in enhanced employee efficiency, reducing the cost of the workforce by unifying HR, payroll, and finances.



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