Sage X3 - The powerhouse for East - African Industries
Opportunities are emerging for manufacturing, mining, service, and distribution industries in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. These industries are predominant contributors to the East – African economy. To stay competitive in the African markets concurrently with the global markets, industries are looking for a business management solution that will cater the organization’s functional needs. Immediately making business processes fluid, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, minimizing operational costs, and most importantly, foreseeing the challenges and gearing you up for the future. Greytrix Africa understands all these factors and presents to you - Sage X3.

Your Business. Your Way.
Sage X3 – a robust ERP software suite with a versatile set of features ensures unparalleled flexibility to run your business your way. Unlike other solutions that rely heavily on add-ons or third party applications to support industry-specific processes, Sage X3 includes functionality that’s ready to use in most industries. It also uses flexible web service technology that enables easy access of complementary solutions when necessary. The accessibility of business data on Cloud with an unequaled security, adds to the distinctiveness of the solution.
Key Features
  • Usability – The ERP system is user-friendly, providing better performance of the activities with sophisticated tools.
  • Mobility – All the crucial business processes like placing an order, servicing customer requests, etc. can be performed on portable devices on-the-go which facilitates remote access.     
  • Control – With the real-time accessibility of data anywhere, anytime employees gain better control over the business functionality.
  • Intelligence – The ability to provide blended data across all the systems gain valuable research and insights leading to judicious business decision-making. 
  • Responsiveness – The implementation of Sage X3 is really quick and its results are prompt and responsive, readily adaptive to your existing business environment.
  • Profitability – With real-time information about customer orders, service requests can be processed with increased efficiency and reduced costs leading to increased profitability.
  • Scalability – Sage X3 manages your business operations globally without any hindrances. With the growing needs of your organization, Sage X3 is much more compatible and scalable making you ready for the future. 

Integrated Business. More Control.
Sage X3 provides comprehensive supervision of areas like purchasing, inventory, finance, customer relationship, sales process management, business intelligence – all in a realistic budget that gives you assurance and control over your business. It eliminates the complexity of the activities, simplifying them, making it lean and ready to grow.
Built and Backed up on SAFE platform

The top notch performance capabilities are achieved because of the Sage X3's build on SAFE (Sage Application Framework for the Enterprise) platform. With low administration, maintenance costs and high interoperability, Sage X3 offers a significant growth to gear you up for the global business.

 To sum it up, Sage X3 is a best-in-class solution to tailor your unique business needs making it accessible anywhere, anytime with superior security and performance.  Sage X3 will control your bottom line with effective costing helping you unlock new opportunities to improve your top line.

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