Strategizing Engineering Challenges with Sage X3

Engineering industry is the key to growth in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia. There is a pressing need for this industry to be agile and provide better enhancements in the global supply chain environment. Engineering industries aim to deliver superior quality of products, whilst executing processes with minimum expenditures. However, executing all these key elements becomes a challenge without a robust business management system. Greytrix Africa understands this and offers your engineering industry, Sage X3. Built to seamlessly integrate both front and back office operations, Sage X3 is compatible across devices improving the scalability across verticals of your industry. Sage X3 delivers end to end engineering solution using pre-defined business rules and processes that can cater to your requirements.

Strategizing Engineering Challenges

Scalable and Configurable

Scalable and Configurable For Future

Unlike other solutions that rely on heavy integrations, Sage X3 centers your organization and reaps value from technology in the process of growth. It is quick to implement and readily work with powerful customizations. With inherent flexibility and ease of administration, scalable with a user configurable development platform makes Sage X3 a best-of-breed ERP solution for your engineering service industry.

Key features that drive the success in this environment

  • Core financials with dimensional cost center analysis to track and manage impact of initiatives.
  • Visual key performance indicators per role.
  • Bank and Cash management with full cash flow visibility.
  • Financial reporting with full roll-ups and consolidations.
  • Cost and analytical accounting with internal requisitions and cost/budget transfers.
  • Procurement including RFP management.
  • Budget commitments and planning with automated alerts and approvals.
  • Financial and operation asset management.
Efficient Job Costing to Accurate Data Reporting

With the project and job costing module, Sage X3 tracks the entire project life cycle from Sales, Inventory to providing excellent quality of goods. The solution makes project execution easier with detailed invoicing of every process that can be linked together, controlling the margins and tracking schedules. Sage X3 thus helps in taking better business decisions with accurate data reporting. 

Efficient Job Costing

Streamline processes

Streamline processes and reduce data duplication

Greytrix Africa’s Sage X3 aligns your enterprises’ operational and accounting functionalities. It consolidates the data from various departments, automates the work processes and reduces duplication of entries.


Take action, Log and Keep track of requests

With the CRM module, contacts can be managed appropriately and customer requests can be promptly handled without affecting the customer experience. All the actions can be logged accurately that tracks the status of the selected request which keeps you updated without affecting the lead time.



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