Software Services - Fuelling East Africa’s economic conditions

As technology made inroads in the East African regions of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Uganda market share of IT and software services progressively increased and became integral contributors to its economy. The growth in software services has resulted in providing superior services to customer demand. IT services industries also need to limit the cost involved in business processes. Most of the IT industries in East Africa make use of numerous business management systems that operate in silos. Many of which lack the functionality to achieve real-time visibility of data. Also the standalone customer relationship management system makes it challenging to share critical customer information. Greytrix Africa understands the impediments to growth and brings Sage X3 that will ensure long lasting impacts to your software services industry.

Software Services

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Sage X3 for IT – Project-oriented not Product oriented

Organizations providing services are project-oriented rather than product oriented. They work with the business management systems to distribute project information across departments. These industries need to be flexible to provide crucial information without impacting customer experience. The major challenges affecting the software services are maximizing resource potential, managing project costs, managing project plan and execution, expanding into global markets. Sage X3 offers the following features for the Software services industries:


 Portfolio and Project Management  Resource capacity Management
 Project Costing  Multi-company support
 Human capital Management  Grant Management
 Subcontracting  Service Management
 Project Final Performance tracking  Knowledge Management
 Time and Expense Management  Reporting and Analytics
 Marketing Automation  Multi-currency capabilities
 Customer relationship management  Multi-language support
 Business intelligence  General Ledger
 Accounts Receivable  Accounts Payable
Portfolio and Project Management of Sage X3

IT service industries have portfolios of pre-sales, infrastructure and software development projects. This can be further classified into size, region or other attributes important to the organization. Project management allows the organization to look at groups of projects within a portfolio. Grouping projects into portfolios allow the organization to view and manage the portfolios. 

Portfolio and Project Management of sage x3

Control your organisation with sage X3

Gain control over your organization

Greytrix Africa with Sage X3 offers gamut of features helps in simplifying the complex administration activities streamlining your front and back office processes. This accelerates data visibility thereby improving the decision-making capability by converting information to knowledge. You can achieve end to end processes throughout your value chain and get better control over your organization. 

Sage X3 – Cost effective business management solution

As project management is simplified by Sage X3, real-time insights are easily available that helps in developing improved client relationships by sharing detailed project reports. This helps in cutting the revenue leakage, improving profitability and keeping your projects on schedule.



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